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Dyno Tunes

What you need to know before booking!

Custom Fuel & Timing Calibrations to optimize your engines efficiency and performance on our Eddy Current Load Controlled Dyno.

- The Absolute best bang for your buck Modification you can do for your modified 45° V-Twin.

- Fuel injected bikes we Strongly recommend Dyno Jet® Power Vision for the best results

2001-2024 Models. 

- If your exhaust doesn't have the proper O2 sensor bungs installed we can remove pipes and install for an additional $200. This lets us preform the best tune possible for your specific setup.

-We cannot dyno Trikes, Street Tune available.

- We may feel some bikes should need a road test/ Final touches on the tune after the dyno. 

- Please Have your ride ready to before drop off.

Tire pressures

Oil levels topped up

Full tank of fresh fuel you'll be running

Charged battery

make sure nothing is falling off and it is safe to run. 

-Additional Charges may be applied depending on time or difficulties experienced during the tuning process.

- No you cannot watch.

- Motorcycles must be delivered 24hr ahead of time, if we are not notified of a cancelation 24hr prior their will be a charge.

- If we encounter issues during the tuning process dyno labor rate is $200/Hr.

You will be notified with an time estimate and the choice to continue or repair and reschedule. 

-For Exotic Setups/ Turbo and or Nitrous $250/Hr, Min 3Hrs.

- As of now Motocross & Sport Bike Tuning is in the works.

- We will supply a printed Graph of your final results!

- Please remember we are here to help you, our suggestions are made based on experience and how we can provide the best possible results so you get the best out of your ride.

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Dyno Tuning Service

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